Close up on the different types of that can pretend to get pre-retired people or retirees!

Beyond simple consumer credit in the form of a personal loan or revolving credit, what are the main dedicated to (future) retirees?

Discover our focus on restructuring, the simple purchase of credit or tiered loan adapted to borrowers (pre-) retirees, the mortgage for seniors!

Classical loan buyback

Classical loan buyback

Simply reduce the total amount of monthly consumer and real estate loans. The classic credit buyback operation has as unique specificity the increase of the monthly purchasing power. This translates into a staggering of debts in order to lower their monthly charges.

Do a classic credit restructuring does not anticipate. The need appears therefore the management of the budget becomes difficult, or, if the borrowing capacity is insufficient for Lorna Dooner a new project. The ideal is to realize one’s request to regroup credits at these precise moments.

Redemption of tiered credit

Redemption of tiered credit

This is a range of credit restructuring that is specific to the needs of borrowers. The purchase of tiered credit is a solution of re that allows to adapt to the life cycles of the subscriber (s).

In the case of a buy back of consumer credit, depreciation can be smoothed according to the monthly installment of the mortgage. Amortize restructured loans at the beginning, to reduce the monthly payment at the second level of the mortgage.

People wishing to renegotiate all their real estate loans and consumption have the choice to determine up to 3 levels for two subscribers. This makes it possible to amortize the remaining capital, the main loan, while facing an expected increase in the expense, and to compensate for the loss of income during the retirement of the borrower and the co-borrower.

Real estate credit for retirees

Real estate credit for retirees

This is a real estate whose intervention criteria are very broad. Real estate loans for retirees offer the opportunity for senior borrowers to subscribe to a home loan and amortize it until the age of 95!

A solution to the credit relay, too risky in case of non-resale of the property in time. Ideal for the of a real estate acquisition whose object aims at the implementation of a plan of tax exemption. With the aim of reducing the amount of your income tax.

For more information check out the page to what age can you borrow at (pre-) retirement?

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