Many people are wondering how to get a buyback of unconditional credit at the best rate! So are there really offers of redemption of credits granted unconditionally to individuals? Can we really talk about emerging trends? Discover this article what means unconditional credit redemption and at the best rate!

Get an unconditional credit surrender?

Get an unconditional credit surrender?

After many years of exercising credit restructuring and interest rate renegotiation, eleven years later, it is still difficult, or even impossible, to understand the meaning of the phrase” unconditional loan redemption”! That is to say that an individual can obtain the regrouping of his credits by a bank without asking him for proof to prove his solvency.

This is totally impossible, especially since the restructuring of credits is intended to make the management of credit outstanding more serene for the borrower (s). Moreover, it should be noted that the restructuring and loan consolidation files are certainly those that are most peeled by the analyst of the bank during their study.

Credit buy-back files are the subject of an in-depth study by the intermediary broker in banking and payment services (IOBSP). But also by the bank in charge of analyzing the files in demand restructuring. Each facility has its own eligibility criteria, so it is up to the applicants to ensure that this condition is met. To get the best rate you have to be very supportive of its different financial ratios!

Criteria for accepting a credit surrender

Criteria for accepting a credit surrender

Anyone who wants to redeem credit must fulfill many conditions, and to get the best fixed debit interest rate, you have to be a borrower manager profile. A credit consolidation file is made up of several financial ratios, and to obtain a favorable opinion on your request, you must not exceed the limit for each of them. In the case where one of the financial ratios is out of the ordinary, then the request for the repurchase of credits is directly and categorically refused!

This is why it is strongly recommended to use an intermediary in banking operations and payment services. The credit redemption broker who knows perfectly all the acceptance standards of each bank specializing in repurchase of credit. He knows how to recognize the bank that will make the best proposal for its clients after a thorough study of their file.

Among the various financial ratios we find the debt ratio before and after the operation, the rest to live also known as the residual title. The number of credits in the course of repayment, or the number of rejections of maximum deductions, banking in the Bank of France, but also the end of loan age, etc. Thanks to the loan repurchase broker, get in a single appointment, a fast credit redemption and on the best terms.

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