Air India stops extending its credit facilities to MPs


Rajya Sabha’s secretariat informed members of the Upper House that Air India had stopped providing credit facilities to MPs for the purchase of airline tickets. Air India’s move is criticized by some MPs who said the removal of the facilities should have been done after consulting at least the party leaders in the House.

Rajya Sabha PPK Secretary General Ramacharyulu told members through a circular that following the Centre’s recent decision to divest Air India, the carrier has stopped “extending the credit facility for the ‘purchase of airline tickets against exchange orders issued by the Secretariat. ”. “As a result, the issuance of exchange orders by the Secretariat was immediately stopped. Air India plane tickets can be purchased in cash, until further notice, “he said in the circular to all members. Air India had previously relinquished the facility to government ministries.

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CPI (M) leader Rajya Sabha and General Goals Committee member Elamaram Kareem said the move would create obstacles for MPs. He said MPs used to use a credit facility to purchase tickets at airports in case of unscheduled meetings. “This government is deciding one by one the facilities granted to deputies. They do this without any discussion in Parliament or with the leaders or in the General Objectives Committee. It shows their respect for Parliament, ”Kareem said.

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Another Rajya Sabha MP said that since Air India is no longer a government-owned airline, it should halt the installation. An MP Lok Sabha said he used to book tickets through a tour operator who provided him with credits. “I pay this agency as soon as my travel bills are paid by the Secretariat. So I have no problem even if Air India is closing this installation because I get credits from elsewhere, ”added the deputy.

Ramacharyulu also told MPs in the circular to immediately pay dues to Air India by submitting their travel allowance claims to Rajya Sabha’s secretariat as soon as possible.

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