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BALTIMORE (WJZ) – The quadruple shootout in Germantown last week that left one dead is just one of the more recent examples of the dangers of phantom weapons – weapons ordered online as kits and assembled at home. They do not have a serial number and no background check is required to purchase one.

“We know crime is on the rise and we know criminals are choosing these guns,” Attorney General Brian Frosh said.

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Frosh now joins with attorneys general across the country in calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to finalize regulations that would classify phantom weapons as firearms.

“I hope the ATF will take swift action, pass regulations that will require these guns to be serialized and people who buy them comply with state laws which in turn require people to take a test that shows they are qualified to own a handgun, ”Frosh said.

Earlier this year, WJZ presenter Vic Carter spoke with Baltimore City Police Commissioner Michael Harrison to discuss phantom weapons in Baltimore.

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“In 2020, that 126 was a big jump from 19 – that’s a 400% increase,” Harrison said. “So it’s a new phenomenon, from 19, that we started to see, that really jumped to 126.”

Frosh said it’s not just a problem in Baltimore, but across the country as well.

“You can see the trend, the criminals are realizing that these are guns that they can get, number one, and number two, they can’t be attributed to them,” Frosh said.

And he hopes the regulations they ask the ATF to implement, along with state laws, will help change that trend.

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You might be wondering why these kits exist. There are groups that use these kits as a hobby. AG Frosh said they don’t want to make this illegal, but the regulations will ensure that these people will have to prove that they are qualified and legally capable of owning a firearm before they can. to buy.

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