Baltimore police lieutenant’s husband killed due to mistaken identity, sources say – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Why would anyone want to kill James Blue? The respected father-of-three was shot multiple times at point-blank range last month as he waited for the delivery of a household appliance outside a house he had recently bought as a repairman.

Police had already ruled out that his wife’s work as a lieutenant in BPD internal affairs was behind the murder.

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Now multiple sources are telling WJZ that this is a case of mistaken identity. They said Blue was killed because the suspect was suspicious of why he had been sitting in his car talking on the phone for so long, even though Blue was only waiting for a refrigerator to be delivered.

We are still working to confirm details, and police are not commenting on this alleged motive.

They made a quick arrest in the case of Sahiou Kargbo, an 18-year-old student from Mervo High, who was charged with murder. The shooting occurred in the 1400 block of Walker Avenue in northeast Baltimore.

“Detectives followed the suspect’s movements which led them to a great piece of evidence that helped them break through,” BPD Detective Donny Moses told WJZ on Feb. 2.

The victim’s son was on the phone with him at the time of the murder. He later wrote about those terrifying moments in a tribute to his father on GoFundMe.

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“You didn’t deserve to be basically murdered [daylight] waiting for a refrigerator. You always took my little brothers and sisters to the upper house of the repairmen. You were minutes away from leaving to watch little brother play in his basketball game. You were minding your own business when you were mistakenly identified on a street above your mother’s house and murdered… I heard 20 gunshots on the phone, but I couldn’t believe that they were on you…”

Last week, WJZ spoke to a neighbor who rushed over to comfort his father. “I hope his family finds some comfort, some comfort even though they weren’t there, that someone was there. That he wasn’t alone. That people cared. them and wanted them to survive. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen,” he said.

WJZ reported that the suspect was linked to two open warrants at the time of the murder.

One was issued on December 28 for allegedly discharging a gun in Baltimore City, another was a search warrant for his home due to an armed robbery that police believe he has committed in Baltimore County.

It was signed by a judge on January 21 but not served until January 26. Blue was killed on January 25, the day before.

Responding to concerns that the warrant was not served immediately, Baltimore County Police told us Monday that they needed time to coordinate with their officers and Baltimore City Police before executing. this mandate.

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When served, the suspect was found inside his home and arrested.

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