Bavaria introduces ‘3G’ rule for Covid status in the workplace


The rules apply to all employers with more than 10 employees, including the owner, who have contact with other people during their work, whether they are customers, other employees or others. people. The only exceptions to this rule are retail and public transport.

Those who have not been vaccinated or have had the virus and have recovered will now need to take a Covid-19 test in Bavaria. A simple quick test performed under supervision is sufficient; alternatively, employees can bring an official test certificate. The test is not compulsory every day, but twice a week.

From an employers’ point of view, the settlement was overwhelmingly well received. Manfred Gößl, managing director of the Day of the Bavarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, had already demanded the 3G rule in all workplaces, as reported by the Munich Merkur. He criticized companies for knowing the immunization status of customers and visitors but not their own employees and advocated for 3G verification to better protect employees and customers in the future.

“While the new rules mean additional bureaucracy for employers, they also provide greater legal clarity,” said Lara-Christina Willems, employment law expert at Pinsent Masons. “In recent weeks and months, employers have repeatedly expressed a desire to better protect employees and customers, but this was hardly possible with the previous regulations. That is changing now, at least in Bavaria. “

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