College students spend a day biking, throwing water balloons and learning about law enforcement


BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – A platoon of college kids and cops have taken to the tracks.

“We started at Cottonwood and then we hiked a few miles here,” said Grade 7 student Tyson Riehl.

They rode a total of ten miles for the very first “Bike with the Blue” of the Bismarck Police Department. The agents organized the event to build relationships with the community.

“There was a comment that all of our programs, all of our youth programs are for at-risk kids and we don’t have anything for kids who are just good kids,” said Department Sgt.John Brocker. Bismarck Police Station.

22 children were nominated by school officials. Officers say they were eager to teach children what it is like to work in law enforcement.

“We talked with them about what we do, as officers, because it’s important. People don’t always understand what we are doing. There is a kind of stigma in law enforcement these days and we are trying to change that, ”added Sgt. Brocker.

Brocker says everyone had fun when the group arrived at the SuperSlide theme park. Riehl added that his favorite part of the day was when the kids and officers clashed with water balloons.

Some of the children said they were considering becoming officers when they were older.

The Bismarck Police Department hopes to make Bike with the Blue an annual event. Bismarck Police Department’s next community outreach event will be the Tri-City Community Picnic on August 21.

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