Delaware resident Randall Law dresses a new generation

Randall Law is the creator of Kool Kolored Kid Generation. Photo of Andre Wright Jr.

Delaware clothing brand Kool Kolored Kid Generation is changing the narrative for people of color through design and fashion.

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Randall Law is the founder, art director and designer of Kool Kolored Kid Generation, LLC.

“I wanted to create something to change the narrative,” Law says, “changing a negative term to a positive to empower people of color through clothing.”

The idea behind Kool Kolored Kid Generation, or KKKG, came to Law many years ago. He tossed the idea around in his head for a few years until about 13 years ago when he watched the Netflix documentary about American singer, songwriter and entrepreneur Sam Cooke. The documentary inspired him to make a move.

He launched KKKG in September 2020.

“I aim to create a brand that breaks down barriers, takes control of the narrative and creates a dialogue between all of our neighbors, regardless of race or creed,” he says. “With this brand, I hope to empower people to create change.”


Photo of Andre Wright Jr.

With a variety of products including accessories, hats, backpacks, and apparel, Law hopes to start new conversations with people of all colors. The line targets consumers of all ages with items for babies, toddlers, youth, teens and adults.

KKKG will introduce its first sneakers for men and women, Global Kid Generation 1, in March 2022.

A visit to the website also allows consumers to enjoy music created for the brand.

Law hopes KKKG will inspire other brands to be more outspoken when it comes to empowering people of color. For now, he’s a “group man” behind KKKG, adding to his already busy life as a brand ambassador for Fortune 500 companies, jingle writer, motivational speaker, and father. He also works part-time at the Columbus Inn in Wilmington.


Each flag on the Global Kid Generation 1 represents the country of people of color worldwide, with “change the world” inside the sneaker and box featuring the KKKG logo./Photo courtesy Kool Kolored Kid Generation

Going forward, Law has big plans for KKKG, including starting a non-profit organization to support inner-city kids across the country to help them value their own importance and give back to their communities. . He also plans to have the KKKG brand represented at future Olympic events.

Law lives by the quote, “It’s a responsibility to become excellent in whatever you do.” A great work ethic combined with creativity will take anyone far, so never give up.

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