Greenish light for Crown brings a payday for Packer



And that’s not the only good news Packer has received over the past two months.

The still-retired billionaire is also in the process of selling his 108-meter IJE gigayacht for just under $ 300 million. The struggling casino mogul, who turned 54 last month, quietly put the Italian-built ship on the market in September and just in time for the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show, where the 11-cabin monolith was on display. honor as the largest boat in the exhibition. – and the most spacious ship moored at Port Hercule in Monaco.

Considered the most profitable boat show in the world, it is obvious that the EJI has not gone unnoticed.

Travel diaries reveal that the IJE enters and leaves the port – the nautical equivalent of a test drive – in the days immediately following the show, before sailing to the yachting sites of the French Riviera of Antibes and Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat at the beginning of October. On October 12, IJE left its berth in Monaco for a Mediterranean getaway before making a 180 degree turn to return directly to port. Again, another try at boating. Boat show organizers did not return requests for comment from CBD on the strength of interest in the boat. But his travel diaries show an encouraging response.


Finally, a winner was declared in the modest Games of Thrones-style federal parliamentary competition for the chairmanship of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics. Postage Credits Warrior Tim wilson left his post last month when he was elevated to the Foreign Ministry as Deputy Minister of Industry, Energy and Emissions Reduction. Tuesday, committee member and favorite Jason “For the beaches” Falinski was named Wilson’s successor. As CBD revealed, the MP for Mackellar had been the frontrunner for the gig even though his so-called modern liberal faction styles did not make him a natural fit for those close to the Prime Minister. Scott Morrison. But he finally got there, even though the announcement came as a surprise. “I found out when [Labor MP and committee member] Andrew Leigh congratulated me, ”Falinski told CBD, recounting how he missed the committee’s original congratulatory email sent on Monday. “[Leigh] said he was looking forward to working with me … I don’t think so.


It is not often – never read – that Meredith Burgmann retracts. Until now. For 29 years, the custodian of the Ernie Prize for Sexist Remarks has made the mouths of the bad guys and the big condescendants.

But the former NSW ALP Upper House Speaker broke down after having to take this year’s Gold Ernie Award away from the outgoing Tasmanian Senator. Eric Abetz.

Abetz, now sadly relegated to the probably unearchable third place on the Tasmanian Liberal Senate ticket, won the top prize for the alleged remarks told in the Tasmanian Parliament by the former president Sue hickey.

But Burgmann had not noticed that Abetz had firmly denied the comments, or that Hickey had not repeated them outside the Tasmanian Parliament, where she would be subject to libel laws.

After Abetz’s staff brought this to his attention, Burgmann then reissued the quote with the word “allegedly” attached to Abetz’s alleged remarks.

Not enough.

On Tuesday, Burgmann – presumably after a dialogue with the senator’s pals – issued another statement noting in his previous statement to the media “Senator Abetz was quoted as having said certain things.”

“I had no idea at the time that he denied saying these things,” Burgmann said on Tuesday.

“I apologized to Senator Abetz for any concern this may have caused him.

“His name and alleged citations have been removed from Ernies’ website and the award has been withdrawn.”

Maximum discomfort. Now the question is: will the Ernies survive it?

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