HCMV finalizes the traffic regulation plan after confinement


For road passenger transport activities, taxi and passenger car operators must respectively limit their number of vehicles to less than 20% and 30% compared to their entire fleet.

Carpool companies are allowed to resume operations with cars with fewer than nine seats, but the number of vehicles on the street must be less than 10% of the total.

Non-app-based carpooling vehicles may be used for tourism services with the consent of the authorities.

The Ministry of Transport will issue a QR code identification certificate for registered cars. Depending on the fight against the epidemic in each area, the number of vehicles would be adjusted accordingly.

For now, all traditional and app-based motorcycle taxis will continue to shut down.

All types of freight transport have resumed normally in the city. Trucks transporting goods to and from Ho Chi Minh City must present a QR code identification certificate issued on vantai.drvn.gov.vn or through the VNEID app. All freight trucks passing through town are not allowed to stop midway except in an emergency.

For inland waterway transport, Binh Khanh Port in Can Gio District and Cat Lai Port in Thu Duc Town will operate normally as well as a number of passenger docks along rivers and waterways. interior.

All commuters are required to report information via the VNEID application and to present a QR code with vaccination information via the “Y te HCM” (HCMC Healthcare) or SSKDT (electronic health record) application.

Those who cannot use smartphones to present the QR code must present documents proving that they have recovered from Covid-19 in the past six months or that they have received at least one dose of the vaccine in the past 14 last days.

To return to HCMC, travelers must have documents proving permanent residence and work in the city (household registration, temporary residence certificate, identity card), negative Covid test result certificate issued within 72 hours; and authorization to move within HCMC from the competent authority.

Those looking to leave HCMC should fall into certain categories, including caring for patients, pregnant women, people with children, or those being interviewed for travel abroad. They must be cured of Covid-19 or be vaccinated, test negative and have the relevant documents.

The city will create conditions to facilitate the entry of people from other localities for medical treatment.

HCMV, the epicenter of the latest wave of Covid-19 in Vietnam, began reopening socio-economic activities on Friday after spending four months under different levels of social distancing.

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