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ISTANBUL, September 25, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Romania, which currently has a tax compliance requirement, will introduce new mandatory regulations from January 2022. SAF-T Romania will be compulsory for large taxpayers. The Romanian name of the new SAF-T regulation is D406 Informative Declaration.

Mr. Rıdvan Yiğit, CCO of SNI, explains the Romanian SAF-T regulation in his article as follows: “The implementation of the SAF-T regulation will start gradually. Initially, Form D406 will need to be submitted by large taxpayers. Small businesses will have to adapt to the new regulations later. “

Although submission of SAF-T files is mandatory in Romania, the reporting frequency is in accordance with the VAT period. All large taxpayers are required to submit a monthly VAT return. Informative Statements D406 follow this monthly report. The SAP SAF-T Romania report is currently due by the end of the month following the reporting period. However, periodic D406 files do not contain asset and inventory data. Therefore, these SAF-T sections must be sent separately.

In SAF-T Romania reporting, criminal action will be applied in the event of non-compliance with obligations. In particular, the penalty for not submitting the D406 file within the specified legal deadline can be up to 5,000 Romanian leu. ($ 1,200). At the same time, it was indicated that erroneous statements would also be penalized.

However, the National Agency for Tax Administration (ANAF) has granted a three-month grace period to comply with the new requirements. This means that there will be no fines for submission errors or reporting errors in SAF-T files for January, February, and March. Taxpayers must submit a correct return before the end of April 2022 later.

The files sent to the tax services must be signed electronically using a digital certificate. The exact submission of informative declarations D406 to ANAF is done via the portal. The SAF-T file for the relevant reporting period is considered the first D406 report. All files in the following processes are considered as a revision of SAP SAF-T Romania already submitted.

D406 informative statements are a very detailed and comprehensive reporting requirement. Hundreds of data fields must be classified and many fields must be classified with values ​​only conforming to strictly defined nomenclature (dictionary). For example, there are special classifications for taxes (including VAT) or the numbering of general ledger accounts. Taxpayers are required to reflect these rules in the SAP SAF-T Romania files submitted to ANAF. Therefore, it is important to remember that the data mapping from the enterprise ERP system to the D406 systems must be done.

ANAF highlights a large number of advantages of the Informative Statements D406. With this declaration, the interaction between taxpayers and tax authorities had started. With the entry into force of D406, the need for physical tax audits will be significantly reduced.

Mr. Rıdvan Yiğit, CCO of SNI underlines the impacts of the new regulations and explains: “Given the instant checks and the data that must be regularly declared to ANAF on a routine basis, the sooner the taxpayers start the SAF- application. T Romania, the better it will be for them. It will also be an opportunity to verify that the data reported is complete.

At September 8 On Wednesday, a webinar on the implementation of SAF-T in Romania will be moderated by speakers Ridvan yigit (Partner & CCO), Ege Akbas (regulatory analyst) and Eşref Bahadır (project manager). You can register here.

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