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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, North Carolina, October 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Koolbridge Solar, a company that designs and develops a patent protected SMART LOAD CENTER, announces that it has launched a regulatory crowdfunding offer on August 31, 2021. Koolbridge Solar engaged Folla Capital, LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA, to facilitate the offer. Folla Capital is based at Wilmington, North Carolina and additional information about the offering or how to invest in Koolbridge Solar can be obtained by visiting Folla Capital’s website at www.follacapital.com. Once you’re on the Folla Capital site, go to Campaigns, then go to Koolbridge Solar, Learn More link.

Koolbridge Solar’s flagship product, the SMART LOAD CENTER, manages multiple incoming power sources circuit by circuit and automatically determines how to distribute electric, solar, battery and / or generator power even when the grid is down. The SMART LOAD CENTER (SLC) will direct solar, battery or generator power throughout the home and offload loads as a priority so that the circuits necessary to stay active are available during the outage. SLC and its underlying technology solve the problems of homeowners not having access to their solar power when the grid is down.

Clem Seifert, Partner at Folla Capital, said: “Koolbridge offers a unique product that is protected by several US patents. We are very excited to be working with this company as part of their crowdfunding initiative and look forward to seeing the growth of Koolbridge Solar over the next few years. “

Bill griffin, President and CEO of Koolbridge Solar said, “I am impressed with Folla Capital and the disciplines they bring to the crowdfunding industry. focus on developing a feature-rich SMART LOAD CENTER with the help of our engineering partner, Device Solutions in Research Triangle Park. “

Koolbridge Solar currently has a patent portfolio of 23 issued patents in the United States, 1 international patent (South Korea), 2 authorized patents and 4 pending US applications. Its portfolio of activities and patents was recently valued by Aranca between $ 53.6M and $ 55.4M. For anyone interested in strategic partnerships or the development of the Koolbridge SMART LOAD CENTER, please contact Bill griffin, President and CEO, at [email protected]

Forward-looking statement

This Koolbridge Solar press release may contain forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are inherently risky and uncertain. These risks and uncertainties include international and local economic and market conditions, our ability to maintain, manage and / or forecast growth, and any other risks that may or may not be presently known.

About Koolbridge Solar

Koolbridge Solar designs and develops the next generation of innovative, intelligence-based, solar-ready electric power products that automatically select the most economical use of electric, solar, battery, wind or energy. generator for homes and businesses on a circuit-by-circuit basis. Koolbridge Solar has patented and patent pending products in development that efficiently capture, manage and distribute electrical power in homes or small businesses.

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