Law professor sues George Mason University over ‘bizarre’ COVID vaccine tenure


Todd Zywicki, professor at George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia School of Law, sues George Mason University over university COVID-19 vaccination mandate, arguing that he has already contracted the new coronavirus and believes he is protected because of his natural immunity.

“I caught COVID and now my college wants to get vaccinated to do my job and the evidence is clear on this that natural immunity is at least as good, if not better, against COVID infection than n ‘any other vaccines that are on the market,’ Zywicki told Fox & Friends on Monday.

He pointed out that he had “worked with an immunologist” and had undergone several antibody tests, which he said showed “that my immune protection is very high”.

Zywicki, who has taught at Antonin Scalia Law School since 1998, filed a lawsuit Tuesday in US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, arguing that the university’s policy is “unmistakably coercive” and an “illegal mandate” , Reuters reported.


The complaint reportedly claimed that because he had previously had the virus and tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, there is “no compelling government interest in overriding Professor Zywicki’s personal autonomy and constitutional rights by forcing him, in substance, to be vaccinated or suffer adverse occupational consequences. ”

The lawsuit also reportedly claimed and Zywicki reiterated on “Fox & Friends” Monday that her doctor had told her that receiving the vaccine would not give her any additional benefit due to the presence of antibodies and could put Zywicki at “increased risk of ‘unwanted effects Side effects. ”

“For me, that’s literally all of the risks and none of the benefits of getting vaccinated at this point,” Zywicki told host Will Cain.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that those who have contracted the virus get vaccinated “because experts do not yet know how long you are protected against a new disease after your recovery from COVID-19”.

In a statement sent to Fox News, John Hollis, director of communications at George Mason University, said the university “does not comment on specific pending litigation and therefore has no comment on the details of Dr Zywicki “.

“With respect generally to the steps Mason takes to protect his community from COVID-19, the decisions the University has made have been guided by currently available medical and scientific information and guidelines issued by federal public health agencies. and state, ”the statement continued.

“Based on this information and guidance, we believe that the steps we take will best protect the health and safety of the Mason community and allow the Mason community to engage in a vibrant campus experience in person. . “

George Mason’s politics would have says workers who do not disclose their immunization status at the university may be subject to disciplinary action, including unpaid leave or “possible job loss,” according to the complaint, adding that employees who do not not disclosing their immunization status are not eligible for merit pay increases.

Reuters reported, citing Zywicki’s complaint, that he had requested an exemption from the policy on medical grounds, but was denied because the university does not allow people with COVID-19 antibodies to be treated. in the same way as those who are vaccinated.

On Monday, Zywicki called the university’s policy “so bizarre,” pointing out that any COVID-19 vaccine approved by the World Health Organization is eligible, including vaccines from China.

He argued that there is no doubt that his antibody level is better than Chinese vaccines in terms of protection.

“I ask that they [George Mason University] recognize my natural immunity as equivalent to vaccine immunity that allows my colleagues to be able to teach without all of the disabilities that I would have, ”he told Cain.

Hollis did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request to confirm that any vaccine approved by the World Health Organization is admissible on campus.

Joining Zywicki on “Fox & Friends” on Monday, Fox News medical collaborator Dr Nicole Saphier discussed natural immunity as a form of protection and argued that the professor had “correct” his point of not being bullied. vaccinate.

She also criticized the CDC, saying that “it is embarrassing at the moment that the CDC cannot collect data” regarding vaccine requirements for those with antibodies and yet the agency continued. to advance “into this abyss with their myopic sight.”


“The CDC must stop talking in hyperbole,” she stressed.

“Historically, they have [the CDC has] always accepted natural immunity as a form of protection against chickenpox, hepatitis B, measles and others, ”continued Saphier. [and] recognize natural immunity as a legitimate form of protection.

A spokesperson for the CDC did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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