Milwaukee’s new police officers earn their badges

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Milwaukee Police Department has added 26 new officers to its roster. New members graduated on Thursday, February 17.

“I feel good, a new journey in my life,” said Lupe Rivera.

Lupe Rivera, 24, is now a police officer in Milwaukee. After six months of training, Rivera and 25 officers earned their badges.

“I want you to reflect on the excitement you feel today, and as your career progresses, maintain that positive attitude. Going forward, your patience will be tested,” said Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson.

Rivera grew up in Milwaukee. He says he wants to be part of the change, helping to heal and protect the town. He told CBS 58’s Winnie Dortch that it was time for the community to see a new side to the department.

The class of graduating recruits from 1-2021 is already ahead of the game, a class that has established many “firsts” for the Milwaukee Police Department.

“They are the first class to receive our active surveillance and enforcement training. The first in the state of Wisconsin, so they are going to be leaders across the state, making sure they are practicing practices to prevent harm and reduce errors,” said Police Captain Timothy Leitzke.

The group is also the first to receive a full course on procedural justice.

Rivera knows there is more to learn and he says he is ready to serve and protect.

“I’m just excited to go,” Rivera said.

Officers will undergo on-the-job training for 14 weeks.

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