No new law against Islamic guidelines in my reign: PM


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the Ulemas that no laws contrary to Islamic teachings will be passed during his reign.

The prime minister said the government’s controversial bills – including one apparently addressing the issue of domestic violence and another drafted to control forced conversions – will not be enacted because they contain provisions that are “in direct conflict with the teachings of Islam “.

According to sources, during his meeting with Islamic scholars in Karachi on Monday, the prime minister also expressed his concerns about how to protect the family system and socio-religious values ​​of Pakistani society.

The Prime Minister said that some non-governmental organizations are working hard to push through such laws and policies which promote Westernization and seriously undermine our family system and socio-religious values.

The Prime Minister again stressed that the spread of indecency and obscenity through social media seriously threatens our family system which must be protected. He sought the opinion of the ulema on how to safeguard the values ​​of our society, including the family system.

The sources said most religious scholars have identified obscenity, which they say is spread especially through social media, as the main threat to our family system. The Prime Minister has been informed by some of the scholars that it is the state’s responsibility to regulate the media to ensure that it is TV channels or any other form of social media including Youtube channels, that they operate within the parameters set by the Constitution and the law and they should not be allowed to spread obscenity and indecency.

During his interaction with the Ulemas, the Prime Minister also spoke about the Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi and said that he broadcast it on PTV and instantly became popular and broke all records. The Prime Minister said earlier that he was told that producing indecent and vulgar dramas and films was the only choice to sell them and make money. He said, however, that the Turkish drama, which shows Islamic history and has no indecent and vulgar parts, denied this excuse of depending on vulgarity for successful productions.

The prime minister as well as religious scholars also insisted on the need to introduce a comprehensive system of character building in society in which the government, religious scholars, educational institutions and the media should play an important role.

The Prime Minister’s attention has been drawn to certain government bills and bills, including the Domestic Violence Bill and the Forced Conversion Bill, which the ulama say are contrary to teachings. of Islam. Religious scholars have explained how these bills violate the teachings of our religion.

Prime Minister Imran Khan assured religious scholars that no such law would be enacted during his reign. The Prime Minister asked the ulama to keep him informed of any such act so that he can intervene in time and ensure that no policies or laws contrary to Islam are adopted.

The Prime Minister requested the help of religious scholars to educate people on the teachings of Islam in order to create a better society for all. Some of the academics who attended the meeting told The News that the prime minister impressed the Ulemas with his speech.

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