Revolutionary Noah System Technology Ensures Schools and Daycares Meet Tighter EPA Standards


“The EPA’s new lead and copper rule is a big win for students and parents, but it creates significant compliance and risk issues for facilities already under pressure with COVID-public health measures. 19, “said the president of Noah System. Michel ramos. “Our innovative solution lightens the burden and helps organizations proactively anticipate issues before test results are made public. “

The turnkey solution from Noah and its partners is used at more than 180,000 sites in 19 states. Existing facilities used water with contamination levels up to 10 times the EPA limit and quickly reduced them to undetectable, well below current EPA acceptable levels.

Ramos, a Chicago The public school building engineer believes that when it comes to water in schools, all lead is too much lead. He saw first-hand the challenges of implementing school water safety programs and invented the patented Noah system, the first of its kind at low cost that automatically controls the flushing of existing plumbing.

Noah System
Noah System is the first of its kind, a patented water quality maintenance device that automates flushing protocols with proven (metrically verifiable) and cost effective technology that improves compliance and ensures drinking water exceeds standards. EPA standards. Noah was invented by Michel ramos, a school building engineer who set out to solve the problem of lead in drinking water in schools. More than

Noah System Partners

With training, sampling, communications and remediation all in one, Noah System and its partners provide end-to-end solutions for schools and daycares. Learn more about 120Water at Learn more about Hydroviv on

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