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MOSCOW, October 6. / TASS /. Russia will continue to develop Runet (Russian Internet) to protect citizens from blackouts of global online resources, however, there will be no forced transition to Russian networks, Federation Council President said on Wednesday. (upper room), Valentina Matviyenko.

“We have developed our own computer platforms, messaging, our own Runet in order to protect our citizens and the country from the consequences of such possible accidents. Of course, no one will force [citizens] to switch to Russian networks. We have to create a competitive product, not worse but even better than other existing global platforms, so that people have a choice, ”noted the president of the upper house.

The main thing, according to Matviyenko, is for people to make sure that Russian networks are more secure and reliable. “Many experts are currently discussing this issue. I can assure you that no concept of Russia’s disconnection from global networks is being developed,” said the president of the upper house.

Matviyenko stressed that such a concept is not necessary. “We don’t need a switch to disconnect Russia from the whole world. We need our own reliable networks, which currently play a crucial role in securing life, organizing business, working processes, conditions. for citizens, including security. We will further develop our capabilities, ”she said.

The upper house speaker mentioned that Monday’s massive social media crash “rocked the world, indicating that everything was vulnerable.” “We have no guarantee that such a computer disaster will never happen again. However, there is no guarantee that certain forces will not shut down the internet at some point. This will have very serious global consequences regarding damage to businesses, citizens, security, ”said Matviyenko.

On Monday, users around the world reported a massive disruption to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp activities. Facebook confirmed the issue was a faulty configuration change that triggered DNS routers to malfunction, resulting in a worldwide outage that lasted for over 6.5 hours.

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