Somalia: Presidential candidate Gelle hails Somaliland senatorial elections as “fair and transparent”


Somali presidential candidate Dahir Mohamud Gelle applauded the recently concluded Upper House (Senate) elections for the 11 seats representing Somaliland.

Mr. Gelle called the election in which 46 clan delegates voted for the 11 seats a “free and transparent process”.

“First of all, I would like to congratulate the honorable senators of Somaliland on their electoral victory to join the 11th Parliament of Somalia,” said Gelle.

Voting took place Wednesday and Thursday, in a highly secure room near Mogadishu International Airport, in the presence of international and local observers.

“I salute the electoral process which took place in accordance with the law. An election in which the winners and the losers were satisfied, ”added Gelle.

As noted by many local observers, former diplomat-turned-presidential candidate Gelle said the Somaliland upper house election was very different from other elections previously conducted by federal member states.

“” Contrary to what the [Farmaajo] regime used to do so, the elections in Somaliland were conducted in a free, fair and democratic manner, ”he adds, highlighting recent elections in other states in the region which were largely influenced by Villa Somalia.

Gelle also congratulated Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble for his leadership in the smooth running of the electoral process.

“I also congratulate the Prime Minister for his role and his commitment to ensure that the elections in Somaliland become a model for other elections,” he added.

As Somaliland delegates voted on Thursday, 46 of the 54 seats in the upper chamber of the Somali Federal Parliament were filled.

Presidential elections are scheduled in Somalia after parliamentary elections close. This follows months of political stalemate and violence resulting from delayed elections and lack of consensus among political leaders.

Source; Horn watcher

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