Supreme Court authorizes two UML lawmakers to join CPN (Unified Socialist)


The Supreme Court on Tuesday issued an interim order declaring that CPN-UML lawmakers Som Prasad Pande and Sharada Devi Bhatta can join the Unified Socialist (CPN), a split from the largest party in the federal parliament.

House of Representatives CPN-UML lawmaker Pande and National Assembly member Bhatta had filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court demanding that they be allowed to join the new party led by Madhav Nepal. The electoral commission had previously rejected their request because their names were not on the list of lawmakers presented by Nepal when it applied for the new party on August 20.

A division bench of Judges Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada and Nahakul Subedi issued the order asking the Election Commission not to take any action that would affect their rights to choose the CPN (Unified Socialist). The two men had asked the commission to join the new party just a day before the commission authenticated lawmakers and members of the party’s Central Committee.

“An interim order has been issued on behalf of the accused not to take any action affecting the applicants’ right to choose the CPN (Unified Socialist),” said the Supreme Court’s order.

With the order of the Supreme Court, the biggest and main opposition party, the UML, is on the verge of losing a deputy in the lower and upper houses.

The CPN-UML will be reduced to 97 legislators and 25 members respectively in the lower and upper houses. Likewise, the CPN (Unified Socialist) is expected to become the third party in the upper house with eight members. The UML has 25, the CPN (Maoist Center) 15 and the Nepalese Congress has seven members in the upper house.

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