The Most Underrated Players in the NBA Today

It should be said upfront that players are underrated and why they are underrated will be different for everyone. There are simply too many talented players in the NBA a list to do them justice. That said, some have earned fame, but many just seem to ignore them.

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For some reason, there are NBA stars who go completely unnoticed by the league’s biggest fans and, in some cases, don’t even get the love of their hometown fans. Amazingly, even some NBA All-Stars are even underrated in the eyes of many fans.

ten Fred Vanvleet

You could say the Toronto Raptors as a whole are often underrated, but one of their greatest and most underrated performers is absolutely Fred Vanvleet. The thrilling point guard was always underrated as he went undrafted and went on to earn the single-game points record for the Raptors and any undrafted player.

He was a 2022 NBA All-Star, and somehow tons of basketball fans still have no idea who he is. He’s one of the men who helped the Raptors adapt after Kyle Lowry left, and his contribution to the team has kept them competitive.

9 Seth’s Curry

Everyone always talks about the immense talent of Steph Curry, and rightly so, but a lot of people seem to forget Seth Curry, Steph’s younger brother. He’s not as legendary as his brother, but he’s no slouch in the NBA.

He is still a presence that is felt on the pitch, and although his minutes per game have gone down, his points per game have not gone down, showing that with more playing time he could be even more efficient. Of course, he’s a Curry, so he’s also got an amazing three-point shot.


8 Desmond Scourge

While many seem to ignore the Memphis Grizzlies except to talk about Ja Morant, people really should be talking about Desmond Bane as well. He’s right behind Morant as the Grizzlies’ most valuable player right now.

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He’s a reliable player who’s consistently had good performances in the regular season and in the playoffs, which shows that the pressure doesn’t get to him. Many don’t know that he also holds the Grizzlies franchise record for three-point goals scored in a season. In a few years, and a solid addition to the team, Bane could be a much better known name.

seven Isaiah Hartenstein

When most people give credit to NBA players, it’s usually to guards or forwards, and rarely to centers. A center that deserves far more credit is Clippers center Isaiah Hartenstein. Although he is not the best center in the team in terms of stats, his playing time is much shorter than their main centre.

Many NBA fans may not pay attention to the G-League, so they may not know how impressive Hartenstein was during his play with the league, even earning an MVP accolade. With a little more playing time, Hartenstein may be able to show all his abilities.

6 Javale McGee

The thing about Javale McGee is that while it’s rarely about big players and teams, he’s actually a three-time NBA champion. What seems to keep him from being widely known are his early career issues.

He managed to impress tons of people, but a bad call involving a teammate who would go on to take a heavy suspension ended up with a fine early on, and was probably viewed with less respect by fans because of it. . .

5 Jarrett Allen

It often feels like whenever someone wants to talk about the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s either to complain or thank LeBron James, or to talk about Kevin Love. Because of that, a lot of other Cavs aren’t getting their due, and one of those team members is Jarrett Allen.

He was a 2022 All-Star, so at least he’s getting some recognition, but it’s still rare to hear anyone mention it. He worked through the 2022 season with his fair share of rebounds and points, finishing the season as one of the best players on the team.

4 Sadiq Bey

To be fair, most people don’t talk about the Detroit Pistons these days thanks to their less than stellar record, but small forward Saddiq Bey certainly deserves more attention in his games.

He holds the franchise record for single-season three-pointers and even hit a career-high 51 points. He often has to face Jerami Grant for attention, but it looks like Bey might soon surpass him in all-around play. Saddiq Bey is definitely a player to watch.

3 Darius Garland

Yes, somehow even one of the Cavaliers’ most exciting players is still an underrated player. Despite only playing five college games, Darius Garland was in high demand, and it’s pretty clear why when someone sees him play.

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Unfortunately, Garland is still often ignored in the name recognition of Colin Sexton and Kevin Love. Garland often spends the most time on the pitch for the team and as a result often has the biggest impact, leading some to believe he deserves far more credit.

2 Delete Murray

Spurs did well in their final season, but not well enough to really attract attention outside of Spurs’ biggest fans. Their lack of attention is something that keeps one of Spurs’ star players coming back for more.

Dejounte Murray is absolutely a star in the making, and most people don’t seem to realize it yet. He was a 2022 NBA All-Star and the league leader in steals that same year. There aren’t many people talking about him now, but a few key trades could see him lead a team to the championship.

1 Gary Trent Jr.

Starting with a Toronto Raptor and ending with one, Gary Trent Jr. is easily one of the most exciting and underrated players in the NBA today. With the impressive season he just had with the Raptors, people will soon take notice.

The man has consistently dropped games in which he won between 30 and 50 points in 2021 and 2022. The youngster is not yet a household name, but if he maintains his caliber of play he could be the one of the next. great, and he could even lead Toronto to a second NBA championship.

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