The proceedings of Parliament live | House adjourned a few minutes after its meeting


On the second day of the monsoon session, Parliament is expected to continue to witness scenes of opposition protests over a myriad of issues, including the spyware spy scandal Pegasus, the response to the COVID pandemic -19 and the continued rise in fuel prices.

Both Houses were repeatedly adjourned on Monday as members of the opposition hurled slogans at Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

Here are the latest updates:

Rajya Sabha | 11:05

In Rajya Sabha, MPs insist on the suspension of routine business under Rule 267. The president does not allow it. Congress leader Anand Sharma asks the president to reconsider. “We can then delete 267,” he said.

“You give 15 to 16 reviews under 267. How much can I take?” Mr. Naidu responds and asks them to raise the issues during Zero Hour instead.

The protests continue. The House is adjourned until noon.

Lok Sabha | 11:05

Jas Kaur Meena asks about OPS or farmer organizations

Kailash Choudhary, from the Ministry of Agriculture, says the number of members of a PO is not limited by gender. Greater involvement of farmers would mean more profitability, he explains.

As the disturbances continue, the House is adjourned until 2 p.m.


Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha reunite. President Om Birla presides over debates in Lok Sabha, while Vice President Venkaiah Naidu presides over the Upper House.

In Lok Sabha, members of the opposition hold up signs and wave slogans. Mr Birla goes to question time.

Rajya Sabha mourns the death of former member Ramadhar Kashyap.

Lok sabha

Bills for consideration and adoption

– Bill on the regulation (amendment) of factoring, 2020

– National Institutes of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship and Management Bill, 2021

Rajya sabha

Bill for consideration and adoption

– Draft law on maritime aids to navigation, 2021

Opposition parties call for investigation into Pegasus espionage issue and Amit Shah’s dismissal

The issue of “espionage” using Pegasus spyware snowballed in Parliament and outside, as various parties demanded a thorough investigation and the dismissal of Home Secretary Amit Shah, so that the government maintained that it had nothing to do with it.

Congress accused the government of “treason” and held Shah responsible for spying on and hacking the phones of journalists, judges and politicians, and also called for an investigation into the “role of the prime minister” in all of this. the case.

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