WATCH: Another prison party filmed?


It appears that inmates in the Jamaican penal system continue to break the law after a video was released this week, which showed several prisoners hosting what appeared to be a ‘big players’ party in a cell block.

The video comes after it was revealed last month by Minister without Portfolio at the Department of National Security, Senator Matthew Samuda, who 2,300 cell phones intended for criminals serving prison sentences have been seized by the Department of Corrections (DCS) in the past 12 months.

In the latest video, the male prisoners are seen dancing to the latest dancehall music.

“Twenty-five dumplings a piece … my champ,” said a man who appeared to be an inmate. It emerged that a food contest may have been underway during the illegal event.

Another inmate can be seen eating what appeared to be food from a large dish on a desk.

All doubts about the age of the video were dispelled when, in another section of the video, a male voice is heard asking a prisoner, “Where yuh mask deh?”

In response, another man who also appeared to be an inmate said, “All masks. Put on unuh masks.”

Last November, a similar video featuring a Tower Street Adult Correctional Center jail party was widely shared on social media.

It is alleged that this party was organized by a popular inmate who advertised his “illegal prison party” on a flyer.

The men were seen wearing the latest designer outfits and were heard bragging about their exploits in this video.

The video reportedly caught the attention of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, who then promised strict criminal penalties would be imposed on those involved in such incidents.

“Some of them (the criminals) feel that even when they’re in jail they’re free, according to some videos I see going around. It can’t happen and continue without consequence in our society. So I know that this incident and others such incidents will be taken seriously in corrections, ”said the Prime Minister at the groundbreaking ceremony of a $ 45 million project to build a new police station in Mount Salem, Montego Bay, St James last November.

In his contribution to the State of the Nation debate in the Senate last month,

Samuda described the continuing problem of people attempting to smuggle the contraband item into the country’s prisons as both a challenge and a security risk.

“The problem of smuggling, specifically the use of cell phones in the commission of crimes and the operation of criminal gangs behind bars, while not new, poses a continuing threat to national security,” Samuda told the Commission. upper house of parliament.

He cited that the 2,300 phones, representing more than 190 attempts each month to bring the objects into prisons, were detected thanks to renewed concentration.

The Minister listed the following measures as measures taken to address the issue:

-Modification of the legislative framework to criminalize the possession, use and smuggling of electronic devices.

– Acquire the appropriate technology to monitor entry routes, search and search for devices, and disrupt electronic communication.

-Adjustment of training and retraining manuals for correctional officers.

-Infrastructural changes at entry points.

Meanwhile, Samuda noted that the prisons remain safe as the DCS has had only one person escaping from its facilities in the past three years.

But with the latest “prison party”, it seems prisoners are still finding creative ways to organize their illegal entertainment events, although imprisonment behind bars is a method of punishment for their alleged illegal acts.

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